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Flights! (Finally)

I adore plans. Plans and checklists and itineraries are my love language. So when I was accepted to teach English in the Republic of Georgia, of course the first question I asked is ‘When will I arrive?’. And I was told January 12th. That didn’t happen. And then I was told January 31st. So when January 28th rolled around and I hadn’t received a ticket, I was getting nervous. There was talk of whether these delays were meant to be a practice in faith, or a sign that this wasn’t for me. But after much praying, and talking, I decided to wait a little bit longer. I FINALLY HAVE MY FLIGHTS! I will leave on February 5th and two days later I will find myself in a country at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East!

I know I was a bit annoyed (peeved) at being delayed so much, but I am so glad I had this month to focus on schoolwork and spend with family and friends!

I was able to spend time with my Pops as he was admitted to the hospital first with a blood-clot and a week later as he suffered a stroke. I visited the panda bears at the zoo with Miss Tamara. I drove to Fort Rucker to see another my friend before she begins flight school!! (SO, SO excited for her!). I was snowed in on my birthday!! And spent one last day sledding and eating pizza with my favorite cousin.



Pandas are fascinating. And one of my favorites.

One of us (ME) was obviously prepared for the snow. The other threw snowballs at my face.
Birthday Selfie! an excuse to use my scarf. snow!
A trifecta.
Cramming in one last picture before I leave. Future pilot and future teacher.

This delay, while NOT in my plans, was certainly in my best interest. And where a month ago I was not ready to leave, and actually dreading it, now I am so unbelievably excited and anxious to visit new places and spaces.