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This country is nothing if not confusing. On a good day, TLGers refer to it as baffling or complex or charming. And on bad days I have sent (and received!) a text or two about this ‘backwards freaking country’. Some stories, in Twitter format.

A brimming cup of hot tea and a bumpy, swerving marshrutka. What could go wrong? #georgianlogic

My throat hurts? Better wrap a scarf around my neck…in the 85* heat. #georgianlogic

It’s 90* today? Still wear three layers and a sweater, but pour water on your head/lap to cool off. #georgianlogic

There are 16 seats on this marshrutka? That means we can fit at least 25 people, easy. #georgianlogic

It’s raining today? I better use this plastic bag instead of my umbrella. #georgianlogic

I’m complaining of a sore throat and ear infection? Better listen to my lungs and ignore my ears/throat before you prescribe five different medications. #georgianlogic

Oh, my family bought sour cream–that will brighten up the fried potatoes we have daily! Oh, no…okay. Sour cream goes on bread only. #georgianlogic

Co-teacher doesn’t want to teach today? Spend all class talking about traveling and complain when the ignored students become rowdy. #georgianlogic

Book two seats on the 3:00 marshrutka, only to be accosted at 2:15 by the marshrutka driver…who is waiting on you to take your seat so he can leave. At 2:15. #georgianlogic

Two-lane road with traffic steady in both directions? The perfect time to pass a semi-tanker stamped with ‘danger’. Bonus points if on a mountain road. #georgianlogic

I’m 23 and not married? Absolutely I would love to be your boyfriend! #taxilogic #georgianlogic #notgonnahappen

I’m 23 and married? Why don’t I have children yet? #taxilogic #georgianlogic #fakering

You want a girl’s phone number? Best way is to grab her phone from her purse when she isn’t looking and call your phone. Later, text her love notes. #georgianlogic

Ordered a Ceasar salad. Came with a cup of mayonnaise Ceasar ‘dressing’. #tasty #georgianlogic

“Whose car is that?” “It is ours.” “When did you get a car?” “Oh, I do not know.” “Did you buy a car today?” “Uh, yeah I guess.” #georgianlogic

Vegetables are finally in season? You should boil them into a tasteless mush before serving. #georgianlogic

Standing next to the trash can and you have trash? How convenient. Better throw the waste on the ground. #georgianlogic

Special thanks to Hannah, Matthieu and Brittany for their additions to #georgianlogic


**Bonus Story: A few weeks ago, I was struggling with homesickness and went to pick up the package my sweet Momma sent me. On the way, the taxi driver and I were having a very limited conversation, but it came up that I am from Georgia in America! Boy, he got excited and almost had a wreck as he hurried to show me his Willie Nelson CD’s! We jammed to, what else, Georgia on My Mind, and that was a good taste of home right when I needed it.

Georgia on My Mind…No, the other Georgia.

In case you’re a bit daft, or don’t know me (or both), I like to travel. But the last time I packed my life into a suitcase, I had some issues with moving constantly and living in hotels rooms and I came home defeated because maybe I didn’t like to travel as much as I thought?

But then I was looking at some other international opportunities, and what really appealed to me was moving abroad, not simply travelling. So I applied to teach English in the Republic of Georgia, as part of an initiative by the Georgian government. And then I gathered letters o’ recommendation, and copies of my passport, and proof that I am who I say I am with the degree that I say I have, and sent it all off. Got an interview. Was tentatively accepted–sent off my soul and the accompanying paperwork so the FBI can say I’m not a criminal. (Anxiously awaiting those results, let me tell ya!) Put in my notice for both of my jobs, and mustered up the courage to tell the family that I am leaving, again, exactly 5 months after I got back. 

All of this happened in the span of 10 days. So, pending the good work of the FBI, peace out Georgia friends; I’m moving to Eastern Europe! If, like my grandparents and certain other loved ones, you have negative things to say, your input is not welcome. I can’t wait to see what’s in store, but please join me in praying and positive thoughts that my CRC arrives in time–the deadline is December 30th!