Call me Riah–it’s short for Mariah.

It sounds cliche, but I am in love with traveling, and this is why.

I graduated from college and then decided that sitting behind a desk simply wasn’t for me! I’ve worked in Belgium, Malaysia, the Philippine Islands, and the Republic of Georgia, with plenty of adventures (like the time I fed orphaned elephants or was interrogated by National Police.)

Check out my photo blog here for a different look at my adventures. I have to warn, I’m not a professional photographer at all, but sometimes I get lucky with a good shot.

Follow along as I figure out just where I’ll end up next! And if you have a blog about your adventures–big or small–comment with the link. I’d love to follow along!IMG-20130511-00009 cropped-dscf1387.jpg


2 thoughts on “Riah.”

  1. Miriah,
    Your dad sent me your blog and asked me to pray for your during this journey. I know how proud he is is of all your accomplishments and I am sure he is also very anxious.
    I was happy that I finally got to meet you at Norah’s Baptism. After meeting you and reading your blog, I know you will be successeful with this new adventure…but I will keep praying for your peace and your dad’s too.

    1. Thank you for such kind words! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers–I need all I can get! Feel free to share with others. The more positive energy the better 🙂

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