Places and Spaces

1. Canada

  • Poutine
  • French River
  • Northern Lights!

2. Peru

–10 day mission trip–I’ve never been so touched by hospitality and I will always have a place for Peru in my heart.

  • Inca Cola
  • Bargained in an open-air market
  • Boating on the Pacific Ocean!

3. Belgium

–My first taste of international business and marketing.

  • Frite Day
  • Tajikistan Energy Charter honored guest

4. Malaysia

–Four months as an international business analyst/glorified tourist.

  • Fed elephants!
  • Saw the Petronas Towers
  • Had a Selangor Sling

5. The Philippines

–One month as a program coordinator before I realized that 22 was too young to be burnt out on working.

  • Witnessed a Manila Bay sunset
  • Survived the fish markets
  • Watched a traditional Bayanihan dance (from the national dance troupe)

6. Republic of Georgia

–Teaching English and navigating a confusing, intriguing culture nothing at all like my own!

  • Survived as a teacher!
  • Learned to navigate a tricky marshrutka network
  • Learned enough Kartuli to get myself in trouble
  • Tried khatchapuri and khinkali (national dishes) and now consider them comfort food

7. Turkey

  • Hopped across the border (legally! and somewhat literally)
  • Enjoyed doner and rice and left with feelings that Turkish food is a thousand times better than Georgian.

8. Armenia

  • Rode the longest cable car in the world and saw Tatev Monastery
  • Explored Yerevan and Goris
  • Cascade Steps/Taco Maco/Eywa Smoothies
  • Republic Square and the Armenian History Museum

9. Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)

  • Illegally entered Azerbaijan through the self-declared independent republic
  • Reveled in a city on par with Western Europe
  • Explored the illegal and bombed out city of Agdam
  • …interrogated for two hours by the State Police for exploring said city
  • Found the best Italian food East of Italy
  • Blacklisted from traveling to Azerbaijan until my passport expires

10. Germany

  • Visited the University town of Bamberg
  • Morphclub
  • Getting lost on the train system…twice
  • International parties with international (and awesome) people
  • Gelato and Hain Park

11. Ireland

Irish tour with Thornton and a mini #TeamMalaysia reunion.

  • Ballycarberry Castle and the Ring of Kerry
  • Galway Bay
  • The Cliffs of Moher

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