staying put.

Traveling has always been my extravagant, guilty’ pleasure that I pursued in whatever way I could. That’s how I found myself teaching in the Republic of Georgia. And it was fun, and full of adventures, and a great way to spend 6 months! But while I had originally decided to go back in the fall, that plan has changed. 

I never want to dread traveling. Thinking about going back to Tbilisi filled me with dread. Yes, I want to see my friends and my would-be host family, but I don’t want to see that country. Or the inside of a school. I pulled up the Bible in Kartulad and had flashbacks to trying to navigate Didube station. I’m a bit traumatized. So it’s with equal parts contentedness and guilt that I announce: I’m not going back in September. As the time flies toward my would-be departure date, I feel more at ease with that decision. 

But talking with friends. I’ve heard a few comments along the lines of “traveling and living abroad just aren’t for you then”. While I know they mean well, and are trying to assuage my guilt over staying home, I hope they’re wrong! I love traveling. I like making a place for myself in a different place. If I was going back to Georgia to live in Tbilisi and have a job I wanted, I would hop on a plane immediately! Afterall, I’ve lived in a few different places and I think I’ve proved that it is something I like. But while others have moved to civilized parts of Europe/Asia/South America and stayed in one place and had a ‘home’, I didn’t get that experience. 

I was living in a two bedroom apartment with 10 people and access to a shower once a week. Just because I’m choosing not to go back to that situation doesn’t mean that travel is ‘not my thing’. I’ve just figured out a few more ways of living that I don’t care to partake in. Eventually I do want to live abroad. Maybe London, though, and not Rustavi. I do like my showers, after all!

For now, I’m on semi-hiatus. There is no international travel in my immediate future (though I am going to New Orleans in a few days!!) but it’s definitely still on my radar. I am staying put, with feelers out for travel in the future. Right now, I’m re-acquainting myself with old places and spaces and enjoying sweet, sweet Georgia. After all, there’s no place like home!

3 thoughts on “staying put.”

    Seriously though lol, although I am disappointed, it’s only for selfish reasons concerning both myself and my loved ones in Khovle. And you have NO obligation to cater to or even “do what’s best” for anyone but YOU. If going back to Georgia is not what you feel is right for you, then by all means, don’t do it! I have yet to regret my own decision of not signing up for the next semester and I doubt you will either. And even on an altruistic level…well, we both know that there are a lot more productive things you can do to make the world a better place than that particular program.

    And gogo, don’t let other people tell YOU what YOU like! Just because you don’t enjoy living in any given social situation in any given country doesn’t mean that traveling isn’t for you! If you’re a first world traveler, than hey, that’s you. And all you need to be is you. =)

    much love ❤ Though I really am pissed about the erasable colored pencils ;P

    1. So I read that first sentence and my heart kinda dropped cause I was like “oh, crap. She actually going to be upset about pencils…” But thank you! That was exactly what I needed to hear! And as long as we’re both state-side, I might invite myself up yonder to ArkanSAW.

      PS: I will send you some more erasable colored pencils to appease you, lovely.

      1. Hahahaha. I was kind of being sadistic with making the first line negative >=D But I knew you would continue to read the rest 😉 And YESSSSSSSS the only thing that would make me more happy than seeing your face is seeing your face and erasable colored pencils!!! Hell, maybe we can even make a road trip out of it. I still need more adventures to blog/vlog about!

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