Pretending to be an Expert…

…Isn’t that what having a blog is all about?

This is my third disgustingly long travel itinerary.

(2 hour flight to Houston. 8 hour layover. 10 hour flight to Istanbul. 8 hour layover. 2 hour flight to Tbilisi.)

And so now I fancy myself an expert in the drudgery and exhaustion that those travels entail. My tip and tricks.

1. Airplane food is…useful. Why I was fed breakfast at 2 in the afternoon (local time) I don’t quite understand. But find something on that cafeteria style tray and eat it. **Don’t eat everything because being full, and crammed into a seat that barely reclines–not my idea of comfort.

2. Embrace the layovers. Turn off your brain–but not all the way. Obviously then you die. Rest, without sleeping too much. Strangers, strange countries, and foreign languages do not mix with sleep.

3. EAT FRUIT. For the love of it all, eat fruit. Or vegetable if you’re into that kind of thing. During my layover in Istanbul, I had a fruit plate for lunch and a fruit cup as part of dinner. You’re crammed into tight places with a lot of people and a lot of germs. Be kind to your body.

4. Sleep on the schedule you are flying to. So many people tell me to sleep on the plane, or sleep when you can! But I try to sleep at times I would be sleeping if I were already in the timezone I will be in at the end. Usually I cannot sleep at all so this is a moot point.

5. This is NOT the time to rid yourself of a caffeine addiction. Trying to come of the Coca-Cola products is commendable, but please wait until the few days of chaos are behind you. This is not the time for caffeine-induced headaches. (I was writing this as I sipped a glorious Coca-Cola Light in Istanbul, until my laptop died thanks to the complete lack of outlets in that airport. More on that later.)

6. Drink water and stay hydrated. That means lotion, fruits, water. It’s a fairly simple concept.

Stick with these, and you’ll come to your final destination a little sleepy, but not nearly as exhausted as others. I promise. **I don’t actually promise. This just works for me.


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