My List of Twelve.

At the beginning of 2013, I sat down and made a list of 15 things to do better. Not really resolutions, but goals to make me a better person, and looking back over them, I was overwhelmed with how many things I was able to accomplish! It was awesome to me that just by writing them down, I was able to keep these in the back of my mind to constantly improve. Some of the goals were “Travel!” and “Be fearless”, “Practice the Golden Rule” and “Love others (where they are)”. I loved how I had to really examine myself and my flaws to determine what I wanted to fix. For example, I was having issues with loving others, or holding out on that love, until I felt like they were better or had changed or were ‘worthy’ of it. And deciding who is worthy of love is not my place, so that was huge on my list!

I’m excited to do the same this year, and to keep me more accountable, let me share!

Twelve things to be better in 2014:

  1. Practice faith daily.
  2. Find joy in the little things.
  3. Seek out sunrises.
  4. Let my FAITH override my fear.
  5. Be gracious.
  6. Be intentional (in my time and my relationships).
  7. Be thankful.
  8. Be sweet.
  9. TRAVEL.
  10. Love.
  11. Seek knowledge and understanding.
  12. Laugh. Every. Day.

I’m excited to use 2014 to move to new places and spaces (literally!) but also emotionally and mentally!


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