A homebody with wanderlust tendencies.

I honestly thought, that when I came back to the States, I would be happy staying here for a bit. I had had my fill of hotel rooms, and taxi cabs, and foreign foods and dealing with 12 hour time differences when I wanted to talk to people from home. 

And then….and then I came home, got a job, settled into a routine, and immediately started scheming on how to leave again. I hopped on a plane two weeks after I came home to visit a friend in Houston. I have plans in the works to visit Germany in March (and back-up plans to travel to Italy if Germany falls through). I’ve applied for some jobs internationally. I’ve even looked at simply teaching abroad, instead of sticking with my degree field. My only requirement is I want to stay put while I travel. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. I want to move to another city, and rent an apartment, and go to an office, and sometimes fly to different cities or countries. I need a home base. That is my issue. I need a home base, but I only want to be home 25% of the time. Call me ungrateful, call me unstable, call me crazy, but it’s true. 

I’ll continue to hunt for the perfect career that satiates my travel bug, and I’ll continue to wonder why I was blessed with a love of travel and yet saddled with a need for home base. And through it all, I’ll continue to find and fall in love with new places and spaces. 


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