time flies when you’re flying

I have been ‘gone’ for 4 months. And by ‘gone’ I mean not at home. Not in Georgia finding a job, or being with friends, or watching my sisters grow up. But I have been to 3 different countries and checked some awesome experiences off my never-ending “To Do/See” list. 

I’m no longer cripplingly homesick. Thank the Lord I was able to make it through that stage and begin to revel in the place I was! But with it comes a new worry–Is it okay to not be so homesick? Is it disloyal to think “I would rather be here than in Georgia”? That’s where I am right now. I FaceTime and Skype and text, and I am okay with that being all the contact. I don’t need another ‘hit’ of home! I think I have broken my addiction to familiarity. So, to all the introverts out there, there is a cure! Just leave absolutely everyone and everything you know, and in 4 months or so, you’ll be a whole new person. 

I have a plane ticket on Friday, and I have no idea yet where that plane is going to take me. But I do now that it’s going to be okay–I’m going to be okay–wherever I land. This job has taught me a lot, but mostly, it’s taught me that I can handle it. (It being the ambiguous whatever is thrown my way.) 

Eventually I will move home and have the cute little apartment in Atlanta, and my most exciting foray will be margaritas on a Friday night with Tamara. For now, I’m good with travelling and living in far-off places, and proving that I can. 


Just think of all the stories I get to annoy my kids with one day!


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