It’s a whirlwind!

I knew when I took this job that it would be a whirlwind, and full of ups and downs along the way. So far, I’ve experienced the downs and more recently the many, MANY ups! But today, I experienced almost every emotion within a 24 hour period. 

It started with taxis (or lack thereof) in the KL traffic, which led to us walking to our meeting. Which led to me falling/stumbling over a hole in the sidewalk and twisting my already dangerously fragile knee. So many thanks that my kneecap didn’t slip out of place this time, but the pain was still quite noticeable. Long story short::I was walking barefoot, in my business suit, on the streets of KL, to make it to a meeting with significant potential. I was quite honestly a posterchild for professionalism.

20 minutes late, we straggled in dripping sweat, and sat waiting for the Dato’ to get off his phone call. An hour later, we decided to reschedule the meeting for another time, and move to grab a taxi home. At this point, it’s around 6 p.m. and I have moved from excited about the meeting to in pain because of my knee, to annoyance with the traffic and stress from being late, and disappointment in rescheduling a meeting I worked for a month to get. 

I knew that sometimes you have those days–take it, learn from it, get over it and move on. That all happened earlier this afternoon. About 4 hours ago, I saw the other side of the job–that whirlwind that is so stressed in training but then can lie dormant for months before it pops up. I have enjoyed Malaysia, and investing my time in the project and watching as we all go through successes and disappointments as a team. I have to admit, I was getting comfortable with the idea of staying here to see the project through!

That plan has changed. Drastically. 

I’m moving to the Philippines on Sunday! So I have one last weekend with a wonderful team that I will always count as some of my best friends, and then it’s off on a new world-wide adventure!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next!


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