Georgia on My Mind.

Let’s talk a little bit about Georgia. You know, the longer I’m away, the less I actually hate the place. I think absence is making my heart grow…uhm, fonder is a strong word, but ‘less bitter’ seems like a good replacement. Yes indeed, absence makes the heart grow less bitter. It has a nice ring to it, yes?

For instance, where I used to hate (let’s see how many euphemisms for that word I can find tonight!) the redneck aspects of my state, I can actually look at them as a bit of culture now. Granted, not a culture that is to be touted, but culture nonetheless.

I never ever ever thought I would say this. I miss Southern food. Whomever is first to ship me cornbread and hash brown casserole and chili will have my undying love and affection. It’s more valuable than it sounds, I assure you.

Chick-Fil-A. No explanation needed, but of course that’s no fun.  I LOVE Asian cuisine. Pad thai and gyoza and sashimi and fried rice and curries and stir-frys are my love. But right now, all I want is an original Chick-Fil-A sandwich with waffle fries and a sweet tea.

I think right now I’m just really hungry, because gyoza and stir-fry are starting to sound absolutely fabulous. My word.

I miss Lake Lanier. Newsflash–I hate lakes. Such small, contained bodies of water where fish have sex and corpses are dumped is not a place for me. But right now, I could go for a visit to the lake.

Macon. (what what??) Yeah…I miss Macon. That Southern hospitality is kinda charming.

So, to sum up this rather boring post: THINGS MALAYSIA TAUGHT ME:

You really don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

PSA: I’m visiting at Christmas, and I am requesting that someone meet me at the airport with Moe’s. Because uhm, yes please!

**and clearly I’ve made it obvious that my culinary cravings are anything but highbrow. What did you expect? I’m from Georgia.

***Oh, and don’t worry. The heat and humidity translates well. So if I’m feeling desperate, I’ll just pop outside for a spell.


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