Committed. The Sequel.

Being away from home hit me a lot harder than I expected….to the point that I considered going home. Heavily considered it. Ever the planner, I looked up flights. Thankfully though, I have friends and family who know me better than I know myself.

Where I said “I don’t want to do this,”, they reminded me that I don’t want to be in Georgia either. To quote Thornton: “You’re romanticizing Georgia. You don’t like Georgia.” (He’s right, by the way. Sorry to my fellow Georgians!) I spent a week in limbo, and it was perhaps the most awful week ever. But that was my own fault. I let my insecurities overwhelm and almost drown me–drowning is bound to be a miserable experience.

The second that I decided to stay, I wasn’t drowning anymore. I was no longer bogged down in decisions and uncertainties–I could breathe! I am so glad that I am staying–I am so glad that Tamara didn’t say, “Yes, come home. I need a roommate.” Because I know that I would have left, and I’m sure she knew as well. I was looking for any excuse, and thankfully everyone around me knew that and knew to not give me one.

Now I am recommitted! I had a good week work-wise, and an excellent day shopping-wise today! (Celebrating my first big-girl paycheck with shopping. So finance savvy. 🙂

More stories to come! After all, I’m in Malaysia! Special thanks to Tamara, Thornton, and my Dad for bringing me to my senses.


2 thoughts on “Committed. The Sequel.”

  1. It is good to hear. I am ever so proud, we all face the decisions that you have recently faced, it is the choices that one makes that sets them apart. You have just ascended another step. LU & see you soon

  2. So happy to hear that you are now content with your decision. New job, new country, and a strange culture would have all of us wanting to retreat.
    Had lunch with your dad, Amy, Bonnie, and Miss Precisous on Sunday.

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