Highs and Low’s

We’re gonna do a little throwback to my Deltasig college days, and do the highs and lows for the week. I know, you’re all breathless with excitement. Do try to contain yourself.

the bad.

1. Being so incredibly homesick and lonely that you seriously consider quitting. And calling your dad to arrange a ticket home..yeah. Not my proudest moment. And then almost slipping into that same place when you realize you are an only child and aren’t going to be home for Mothers Day. (I love you Mom!! and miss you!)

2. Spilling my soda…twice. This really frustrates me because it was my favorite soda (Mountain Dew Pitch Black) that I cannot find in the States. Every bottle is precious. Trivial? Not to me.

3. The complete and utter lack of laundry facilities. No, I do not want to pay you 3 dollars to wash a pair of my pants. I want to pay 5 dollars and wash a whole load of my clothes. Thankyouverymuch.

4. The heat. The humidity. My hair. I look like a lion on the daily. Rawr.

Just call me Nala.

5. I’m really weird in that I don’t invite a lot of human contact, but I could go for a hug. Awkward, bad, whatever. You’re the one reading the blog–you decide.

the good.

1. Scheduling meetings! I set up five for next week. 🙂

2. Getting a video from Miss Carrie Dobson that starred Camryn saying she missed me. Pretty sure she was put up to the task, but it was adorable nonetheless.

3. Being in KL! We’re not here for long, but at least I am in the actual city! I got to see the Petronas Towers and walk to more places than the local Pelita. ($2 chicken and spicy rice)

4. Technology. Air conditioning. Free wi-fi that means I can text to my hearts content. and friends who distract me from my misery with their stories of adventure. (I’m looking at you, Tamara!)

5.  The amazing responses I got after I sent out that rather Eeyore-esque blog post earlier this week. The encouragement and prayers and overall positivity (why is this not a word?!) was so needed and so appreciated!! Thank you, everyone. Really.

6. Let’s make the good outweigh the bad. Sticky notes! My boss found out that sticky notes help me organize and gave me a pack of them–may have started grinning like that cat that ate the canary. I unabashedly love sticky notes.


Petronas Tower(s). There are two. They look the same. Promise.


2 thoughts on “Highs and Low’s”

  1. 6 good vs. 5 bad…so the good do out weigh the bad. Hopefully you are feeling better. I know that you can do this, you are MY niece!! Just know that love and prayers are always coming your way!! Love you!!

  2. Most of the good will come years later in the form of confidence that you can do anything, and you have proven it. I will see you as soon as I can. lu

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