“I don’t get homesick.”

Hah. I am a LIAR. I think I was homesick about 30 minutes after I hopped on the bloody plane. (Half my roommates use ‘bloody’ as their curse word of choice–it’s starting to stick.).

Training started today, and all of my housemates are very nice, so I am starting to acclimate and get excited about this DREAM COME TRUE of a job opportunity. Media Plus is expanding, big time, to markets outside of Europe. Hello world travel!! 

Thanks everyone for prayers and warm wishes, and the multiple messages I received asking if I was still alive…clearly I am. My luggage is here, I now have clean clothes, and I am as happy as a homesick clam. Ask me questions so I know what to answer and write about next!!

Oh, and my southern accent? It’s a big hit over here. 🙂


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