Packing is MAYHEM.

My pretty red suitcase is sitting in the middle of the living room floor, mocking me. Rude.

Have you ever tried to pack for a year, in one suitcase, taking into account both business and casual outings? And do not forget the seasons! No? Lucky you. This may be prove to be harder than actually leaving everyone I know.

Allow me to elucidate. I have (somewhat foolishly) decided to use this new job as an opportunity to severely downsize my life–embrace a minimalistic approach, if you will. In order to do this, I have determined to use one suitcase (limited to fifty pounds) and my carry-on for all the essentials. You can call me crazy. I’ve been muttering that same adjective to myself for about two weeks now.

Gung-ho, I gave packing a shot…and ended up about 15 pounds over the limit. Tears may or may not have followed. (Tears are allowed, because I’m stressed and moving. Irrationality has found a place in my life for a while.) I have an unhealthy attachment to quite a few articles of clothing. My mental pep talk sounded a bit like this “Mariah, they are just clothes. You can buy more later!” and “You do not actually need four pairs of yoga pants, because you don’t actually do yoga!”. So now I’m bribing myself with European shopping trips. Good grief, I’ve gone over the deep end.

I did find some wonderful articles online about capsule wardrobes, and that has helped me tremendously in planning outfits and regaining a semblance of my sanity. So I will be repeating the same outfits every 21 to 30 days. Who’s going to care? I’m counting more on my winning smile and sarcastic humor than my style, anyway. 🙂



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