The Countdown Begins

I just got my contract–my first day of training is April 2! I’m trying to plan everything–I am a planner by nature–and I’m learning that I can’t think of every scenario. This is going to be an exercise in faith for me, certainly. The list of things to take care of (books, change of address, clothes,) is starting to pile up, and the goodbye’s have started. 

Throughout the next month, my goal is to come to peace with the unknown and the inevitable surprises and hiccups. I’m going to enjoy this last month of ‘home’, and spend time with family and friends. I need to remind myself to really appreciate the people I’m surrounded with, and the time I’m spending with them now. I am excited, absolutely. But I’m  anxious and fearful too–I have to be mindful that my faith needs to override my fear!



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